Sunday, August 21, 2011


"child directed center time"
School started on Monday, August 15th this year, so I'm just finishing up my first weekend since the beginning of June.  So far it's being a super year.

Two years ago I had 27 Kindergarteners for the first 10 days.  Last year I had 31 for the first week and 25 for the second.  (Then we went down to 20 or 21 kidsThis year I've got 17.  Oh yes, this is a good good year!

Also we are going to have help with the (eternal/infernal) assessments.  Someone coming once a week to spend about an hour testing the little babes.  It's going to help so much!

And my toe doesn't hurt anymore. (long story, but I have a warm place in my heart now for all podiatrists)  Occasionally I am so aware of my toe not hurting (+ ankle + knee +hip + spine) that I practically have to lean on a wall from swooning from happiness.

they look like they're just wandering around
The kids are good.  No one cried hard.  No one hit.  No one cried and hit someone for taking the doll she wanted.  (during Xmas break last year I threw that particular doll out)  No one comes late every morning.  None of the parents is late to pick up day after day. No one has demanding special needs.  I know it's early days, but everything is great so far!

I started a classroom page on Shutterfly.  I can't show it to you 'cause everything is password coded and private (protect the children, you know) but if you were thinking of a classroom page it was amazingly easy.   I always worry about posting photos of other people's kids on line, but this seems secure.  (I like Shutterfly because it's connected to Target and that's just about the only store around here.  Easy to pick up photos.  Even easier to have them mailed to me.)

Going to Shutterfly now to see if any parents I invited have been by ... have a great evening, have a great week!

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  1. Wow Back to school so soon, seems like you just started your summer of fun.
    Is this your classroom in the photos the windows are great letting in the sunshine.

    17 children seems like a nice size class to start the year off with.

    The kids returned to school here today, funny after all these years I still expect school to begin after Labor Day.

    Here's to a wonderful year with your class.